At St. Louis Shutter we compromise nothing. We strive to give our customers the finest interior and exterior shutters available. We offer superior panel construction, custom millwork, and exceptional customer service with the best fit and finish in the metro area. We are your local customizer for O’Hair Shutters (interior products) and Southern Shutter Company (exterior products). We start with the best millwork of any shutter panels in the world, customize them to the 16th of an inch, apply a high quality custom coating, and install them using the best applications, hardware and moldings in the industry. With state of the art equipment and technology, our vendors enable us to give our customers what we always strive for: unlimited customization, high quality products, and personal service.


    For more than 20 years we have been committed to selling the best products on the market. We have succeeded in supplying our customers with quality panel construction, fine finishes, an extensive product line, a high volume capability, fast turnaround, and friendly customer service. We can truly say with confidence that we are experienced. We are proud to say we have thoughtfully developed our custom interior and exterior programs... and they are proving to be successful. We hope our attention to detail and exceptional service will compel you to become our next satisfied customer.


    At St. Louis Shutter we custom tailor each shutter unit to fit your needs. Because we sell commercial grade panels, we are not limited by large window sizes or difficult applications, so our products never dictate our design. We can mount a shutter unit almost anywhere on almost any surface. To make an intelligent, informed design decision, we consider your home's interior and exterior appearance, which includes the color, style and scale of your decor, windows, casings, and other architectural features. To determine the overall function your shutter units will serve, we also consider the amount of light in the room, the view, your privacy requirements, the ease of use, and the direction the panels will fold. All of these factors go into choosing the proper louver size, panel width, frame style and installation type for each shutter unit we build.


    Drafting the architectural design of the shutter unit takes the skill of a technician with the eye of a designer. At St. Louis Shutter, we don't take this step lightly. Our goal is to produce aesthetically pleasing units that blend in with your decor and perfectly line up with your windows. Every aspect is taken into consideration: casings, tilt-ins, cranks, locks, sashes, handles, mullions and clearance issues. Our CAD software allows us the flexibility we need to change individual panel widths and heights, alter rail sizes and locations, as well as layout bi-folds for simple framed units or complex track units. A new feature set in the software enables us to create fully operable arch-top panels ("Patterned Horizontals") which are CNC produced by O'Hair Shutters. This is just another example of industry leading technology from O'Hair Shutters.


    Why O'Hair Shutters for interiors and Southern Shutter for exteriors? Combined, they have been producing the very best shutter panels in the world for more than 125 years. Both companies have been edge-grain/edge-gluing their components for more than 35 years each. This very costly technology used in the cabinet and furniture industries ensures stability and adds considerable strength in the wood components. Even though they are a very large mills, they both take pride in their ability to offer unlimited custom options. This allows us to design panels in hundreds of configurations. Such an extensive product line is impressive.


    Achieving our furniture-grade finish on our interior panels begins with matching your trim paint or stain so the finished shutter units look like they are part of your millwork; intentional and original to your home. We take your paint to match from and deliver you a swatch for approval. After approval, three coats of UV-cured primer are applied and then a final coat of UV-cured semi-gloss polyurethane modified-acrylic. This process ensures an even top-coat that is free from runs and smooth as glass, which allows for easy cleaning. You can expect your shutters to look and feel like a fine piece of furniture. Over the years we have found our coating to be the most durable, color-fast product in the shutter market. Resistant to direct sunlight, high heat, and high humidity, we have seen our finish withstand the elements where other products have failed. For our exterior panels we hold our finishing standards high by giving the panels two complete sandings in between three layers of top-coat.


    Through more than 20 years of installation experience, we've developed what we believe to be the smartest and strongest framing system in the industry. Instead of magnets, we use solid brass bullet catches and strike plates because of their long-lasting ability to securely hold panels in place. For hiding seams between panels, astragal strips finish the unit with a clean, light-tight appearance. And the package wouldn't be complete without the flexibility of non-mortise hinges. This finished system allows us to bifold panels up to 12 feet wide in our framed units without using posts as dividers. Aside from standard processes, we can rip, notch, curve, and taper panels and frames for custom applications. We have never met a window we couldn't shutter.


    Maximum prep work in our shop makes for less work and less mess in your home. All units are brought into your home pre-fabricated with hinged panels, ready for a quick and efficient installation. We install your shutters with the expertise of a finish carpenter. Whether tapering inside mounts, capping sills with cove strips, or caulking paint-matched frame to casing, we go above and beyond to make your shutters appear "intentional" and original to your home.


    Every O’Hair shutter panel we install comes with a lifetime, transferable warranty. St. Louis Shutter has achieved a Gold Homeowner Rating with O'Hair by attaining a benchmark standard in sales, workmanship, finishing, installation, and operation of shutter panels. Over the last 15 years of installing interiors, we have seen O'Hair panels as old as 45 years old in our customers' homes that have held up to their warrranty. Likewise, Southern Shutter has had a lifetime warranty in place since 1964. In our years of exterior installations, we have witnessed their cedar panels on homes that are over 50 years old and still in structurally stable condition.

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