care and maintenance


  For normal dusting please use a dry duster or a soft cloth. For fingerprints, spots or smudges, you may use a lightly dampened cloth. You should avoid using dusting sprays, oils or other similar products, as they can leave a residue that can build up and discolor with age. Please do not use any petroleum products, harsh chemicals, abrasive cleaners, stickers or tape, as they may harm the finish. Also, to make for easier cleaning (without the tilt-rod in the way) open the panels to clean them from behind.


  If your louvers become loose and lose their tension there are two tension screws that need to be adjusted. First, swing the shutter panel open and insert a #2 phillips screwdriver into the hole on the edge of the panel. While holding the "tension-louver" turn the screwdriver until you feel it seated in the head of the screw. Push and turn the screw clockwise 1/4 turn. Second, repeat the tightening process on the tension screw located on the opposite side of the panel. If necessary, repeat the process using 1/4 turn increments until desired tension is achieved.

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